Max Stability Implant 4.5 x 8 mm

Max Stability Implant 4.5 x 8 mm

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Leone Max Stability Dental Implant D4.5 L8 mm, with Ti Cover Cap

Same internal connection as the 4.1 mm implant so the surgical procedure for the preparation of the implant site is also the same. (Color codes are also identical. Yellow for the 4.5 mm implants)

Made of medical grade 5 titanium, HRS surface, self-locking Morse taper connection and internal hexagon. Mounted on a carrier, with an included biopolymer sealing cover cap, and packed in gamma-ray sterile glass vial. Cap removal from the inner holder and placement into the implant requires instrument Cat. 156-1003-00.

Pack content: 1 implant and 1 cover cap