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About Implant-One

Implant-One implants are designed with the features required to promote and maintain healthy bone and soft tissue. As a result of our unique implant/abutment connection and our proprietary low-heat /low-pressure drill, our implants integrate in 6 weeks as opposed to the former protocol of 6 to 12 months.

Prevents the Intrusion of Bacteria

The Implant-One dental implant system was created to provide the best possible implant/abutment connection on the market. Implant-One’s design provides strength, orientation, and a tight fit capable of preventing the intrusion of bacteria into the implant abutment connection, therefore eliminating the crestal bone loss associated with most implant systems on the market.

Our 3 degree per side taper is straighter than any other internally oriented system on the North American market; which means, our connection will wedge together tighter and prevent any opportunity for micro movement or a micro gap, therefore preventing bone robbing bacteria from forming in the connection. Crestal bone loss or bone die-back is virtually eliminated with this implant system.

Matched Surgical Drills Prevent Heat and Pressure Necrosis

Preventing heat and pressure necrosis is critical to implant success. Our Implant-One drills are designed to produce less heat and pressure in order to preserve bone. Their sharp cutting edges and internal irrigation help keep the bone cool during the drilling operation, preventing heat necrosis. The Implant-One thread design, drill sizes and surgical protocol are designed to prevent pressure necrosis caused by installing an implant in an osteotomy that is too tight.

For efficiency and speed, we have created a drill to match each implant size. Only one drill is needed instead of multiple drills. Doctors can reduce time of placement by approximately one third.

Streamlined System and Comprehensive Customer Support

Implant-One is a fully integrated system with matching abutments, instruments and accessories, designed for maximum efficiency and to achieve the goals of stable implants and minimal bone and tissue loss.

To help doctors make the most out of our systems, from the diagnostic phase through surgery and the restoration phase, we provide assistance in the form of our customer support service, mentor support set-up, education and training.


All components of our Implant-One system are made in the U.S. This allows us to maintain stringent quality control and reduce costs compared to implants imported from Europe. It also enables us to react very quickly to research innovations and changes in the marketplace.

Hexed implant showing significant bone die-back
Implant-One implant placed sub-crestally showing no die-back 2 years post placement