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Leone Comprehensive Surgical Kit

Leone Comprehensive Surgical Kit

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Suitable for full sterilisation in the autoclave, it includes all the surgical accessories required for treatment with the LEONE implant system. The package includes an explanatory card as a guide for a working sequence of the instruments.

Kit content: 1 round bur, 2 pilot drills Ø 2.2 mm, both long and short, 6 twist drills Ø 2.8-3.5-4.2 mm, both long and short, 3 countersinks Ø 3.3-4.1-4.8 mm, 6 taps Ø 3.3-4.1-4.8 mm, both long and short, 1 pilot drill Ø 2.2 with integrated stop, 2 twist drills Ø 2.8-3.5 with integrated stop, 2 taps Ø 5 mm for LEONE 6.5 short implant, 3 paralleling pins Ø 2.2 mm, 1 depth gauge Ø 2.2 mm, 1 hand screwdriver large, 1 extension, 1 instrument for caps, 1 ratchet, 1 hex head 

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