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In-Office Training

At Implant Logistics, we believe that all dentists should have the opportunity to become confident with the various implant placement procedures and protocols. In order to meet the personalized needs and experience levels of every doctor, Implant Logistics offers the opportunity for any doctor, of any skill level, to receive personalized, in-office training.
If you choose to do an in-office consult, you will work directly with one of Implant Logistics trained doctors to prepare, execute and review several in-office surgeries. Your personal training program could include:

  • Any necessary didactic instruction
  • Assisted case selection and case planning
  • Preparation of material requirements for each case
  • A full days worth of on-site surgical guidance
  • Post operative case review
  • Any other needed services such as: team training, practice education about how to increase patient acceptance, etc. 

Tuition is based upon individually customized program. The goal is to have the consultation cost offset by the billing for the days implant productivity. For more information, please send your request to
Clinical Instructors Include:

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