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Dental Implant Systems

Implant Logistics strives to provide healthcare professionals with the best dental implant systems available. As such, Implant Logistics offers doctors with two implant systems: Implant One and Leone.


Implant One

As the proprietary implant system designed and developed by Implant Logistics, Implant One specifically designs and manufactures implants with the necessary features required to promote and maintain healthy bone and soft tissue after placement. This is achieved with a cutting-edge implant-to-abutment design that allows Implant One's implants the potential to biologically integrate much faster than the average implant system.

Additionally, coming in 8 different diameters with each available in 4 lengths, the Implant One Implant System allows clinicians to maximize the size of the implant within the available bone at the implant site.

Moreover, boasting a variable depth thread profile with an exclusive thread cutting tip, the Implant One Dental Implant System allows for easy insertion to minimize bone loss due to pressure necrosis and helps clinicians achieve maximum initial stability.

All of this, coupled with a low-heat/low-pressure drill designed by Implant One, makes it clear why so many clinicians have found this system to be one of the most critical dental implant solutions available.

Affordable High Quality Implant Solutions

Implant One is absolutely dedicated to providing clinicians and patients with the highest-quality dental implants available at nearly the best price on the market. Routinely, doctors find that Implant One dental implant systems are nearly 1/3 the price of other systems with zero corners cut on quality.

Ease of use

Implant One's carrier and impression components utilize a patent-pending extraction feature, in addition to a smartly designed surgical kit that makes implant placement easier, more efficient and less complicated than ever for doctors and their patients. Additionally, Implant One Dental Implants can be placed crestally or sub-crestally in the oral cavity.

Preventing Bacterial Intrusion

The Implant One dental implant system was created with the mission to provide the optimum implant-to-abutment connection on the market while providing strength, stability and reliability that is rivaled by few. As a result, the design of the implants provides strength, orientation, and a virtually impenetrable seal, capable of preventing the intrusion of bacteria into the implant abutment connection. 

Hexed Dental Implant | Dental Implant Systems

Hexed implant showing
significant bone die-back

Implant One Logo | Implant Solutions

Implant One implant placed sub-crestally
showing no die-back 2 years post placement

This dynamic of the implant drastically reduces the crestal bone loss traditionally associated with most dental implant systems on the market, and in many cases, removes it altogether.

Our 3-degree-per-side taper is straighter than any other internally-oriented system in North America. This creates a connection between the implant and the abutment that is so tight that it virtually eliminates micro-movement or the creation of a micro-gap between the implant and the abutment. Vitally, the strength of the connection prevents bone-robbing-bacteria from entering the inner chamber of the implant, thus effectively rendering crestal bone loss & bone die-back a thing of the past. 

Heat and Pressure Necrosis Prevention

Preventing heat and pressure necrosis is a critical component to successfully placing an implant with any implant system. Implant One recognizes this reality and has taken a leap forward in its prevention with the development of a low-pressure & low-heat surgical drill.

This innovative design helps keep the drill cool during operation, and, with cutting-edge thread design, drill sizes, and protocol, the drill drastically reduces pressure necrosis caused by implant installation in an osteotomy.

Additionally, the drill matches each Implant One implant size; only one drill is needed for a case, instead of multiple. On average, many doctors have found this aspect to increase implant placement efficiency by at least one third. This has led many doctors to trust Implant One as one of the top providers dental implant systems & implant solutions available globally. 

Comprehensive Implant System

Implant One Surgery Kit

In addition to individual implants, Implant One provides doctors with fully-integrated implant systems and kits, replete with matching abutments, instruments and accessories. These systems are designed to provide doctors with absolute maximum efficiency in their practices and to help them successfully place stable, healthy implants with minimal bone and tissue loss.  More information on Implant One surgical kits.

Made in the U.S.A.

All components of the Implant One system are made in the U.S.A. This allows for stringent quality control and reduced costs compared to other implant systems. Additionally, this makes it possible for Implant One to react very quickly to research innovations and industry developments; ultimately providing doctors with better dental implant systems.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Our doctors and their patients are our highest priority. As such, providing one of the best dental implant systems available comes in second to providing top-tier customer support for our customers. From the diagnostic phase through surgery and restoration, Implant One provides assistance and helps with any questions or concerns doctors may have throughout the process of implant placement. Our support team can be reached via phone or email.

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Implant Logistics Dental Implant Training

Training & Continued Education

As the implant dentistry market grows in popularity and size, Implant Logistics & Implant One believe that more and more educational experience on the subject is required by doctors to fully master their skills and to protect patients from mistakes.

As such, Implant One & Implant Logistics provide doctors with comprehensive training courses on implant surgery, implant placement, implant restoration and post-operative patient management and more. These courses cover a myriad of implant-related-subjects and are specifically designed to help doctors become confident and proficient in implant surgery while helping them overcome their considerations and/or apprehension on the subject.

Offering some of the most critical dental implant solutions available on the market, it is easy to see why many of the courses are acclaimed by alumni as one of the most important steps they took in their implant dentistry career.

Learn more about Dental Implant Training with Implant Logistics here.

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Leone Orthodontics & Implantology


Established in 1934, Leone Orthodontics and Implantology has an impressive 84-year history of excellence in dental products. Beginning in the workshop of resourceful craftsman, Mario Pozzi, Leone's business activities commenced under the name Leone S.p.a.

Based in Italy, Leone has been specifically manufacturing dental implant systems since 2001. Their implants are considered to be among the strongest in the market.

With such an impressive reputation for high-quality dental implants and tools, it is easy to see why many consider Leone S.p.a to be a provider of one of the best dental implant systems globally.

Leone Today

With a manufacturing facility spanning more than 14,000 square meters and a work force of more than 100 people, Leone embodies the definition of dedication to a craft. Today, Leone S.p.a. is the leading Italian manufacturer of orthodontic products, and, since 1993, has been a member of O.M.A. (Orthodontic Manufacturer's Association) which incorporates only 12 world-wide orthodontic manufacturers.

With the introduction of the Leone "Implant System" in 2001, Leone has continued to improve and develop its products through advanced quality manufacturing techniques. As a result, Leone is able to offer its range of products to a constantly demanding and evolving market without falling behind the times.

The Leone Implant System

Leone Dental Implant System

Made of medical-grade-5 titanium, the Leone standard dental implant boasts a proprietary cylindrical shape with a ISO-compliant thread. Designed to provide higher primary stability and less bone impact than other systems, the Leone implants are on the bleeding-edge of implant technology. 

Additionally, Leone standard dental implants are available in three different diameters and in a 6.5 mm "short" version. A color code marks each implant and guides the user in the choice of the relevant accessories and tools necessary for the successive surgical phases.

With no screws to cause abutment fracture, Leone implants are prefect for cases that require maximum implant support or strength. For example, patients with minimal bone or who need to use a short implant to stay clear of nerves and sinuses can benefit from the Leone Implant.

High Rutile Surface

Additionally, the Leone Implant System provides doctors with an implant that has a "High Rutile Surface" or HRS™. Achieved through an exclusive sandblasting process, the implant surface is polished to a roughness of Ra = 2.5 μm. This helps to attract and favor the action of osteoblast cell-types and helps to promote rapid osteointegration.

Abutment Connection

The Leone implant abutment connection is dependent on two specific geometries: the Morse taper and the inner hexagon. The Morse taper ensures a very high mechanical stability as well as an absence of micro movements, providing a nearly-perfect bacterial seal and an optimal distribution of masticatory load. The hexagon enhances the resistance to torsional loads and allows an easy transfer of the abutments position from the laboratory to the dental office.

Platform Switching

The Leone implant system features "platform switching" as a consequence of the integrated conical connections. Due to this, Leone abutments do not require a screw; they are rock solid without any cavity. This feature, combined with the special quality of the titanium used allows the abutment to be easily customized, either in the laboratory, or even in the oral cavity.

6.5 Short Implant

LEone 6.5 MM Dental Implant

The Leone 6.5 mm short implant is the ideal dental implant solution for several types of cases and situations. Because the Leone system is designed in a smaller body, placement can be achieved while avoiding sensitive anatomical structures with a high degree of safety.

Many of the following complications can be avoided with the utilization of the Leone system:

  • Cases with limited vertical bone availability
  • Cases that require complex bone grafting procedures
  • Cases that require advanced surgical interventions (sinus lifts, inferior alveolar nerve transposition)

Leone Max Stability Implant System

Leone Max Stability Implant Solution

The final implant in the Leone line-up, the Max Stability has a primary stability unrivaled by any other dental implant system. Featuring an innovating external "macro-design," the Max Stability shines in cases where the implant site offers poor stability for fixtures with a classical design.

The Max Stability has been shown to have over 50% higher insertion torque values compared to cylindrical implants with the same length and connection size.

The Max Stability implants come in 3.75 mm and 4.5 mm variations and have the same connection as the Leone standard 3.3 mm and 4.1 mm implants; meaning that the entire system can be connected; a hallmark of a truly unique dental implant system

Monoimplants for O-Ring Overdentures

Leone monoimplants for o-ring overdentures are likewise made of medical-grade-5 titanium. The implant is capable of self-tapping with threads in accordance with ISO standards; this implant provides excellent primary stability in a variety of cases.

The body of the monoimplant is treated with a sandblasting process that produces a roughness of Ra= 1 µm, purposely designed to support rapid osteointegration. Additionally, the smooth, transmucosal tapered neck helps to enhance gingival healing.

The monoimplants for o-ring overdentures are available in:

  • 2.7 mm diameter
  • Endosseous portions in four lengths: 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm and 16 mm
  • Two gingival heights: 3 mm and 5 mm

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