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In partnership with Implant Success Today, our implant training programs are geared to enhance, simplify, and establish treatment protocols to eliminate the challenges associated with traditional implant technologies.

Implant Success Today implant continuum

The founder of Implant Logistics, Dr. Leo Malin, is the lead instructor and personally helps the doctors learn the implant process from beginning to end. Dr. Malin has taught implant surgical and full-mouth reconstruction courses since 2004.

He knows the complications that can occur and how to successfully handle surgical and restorative complications. Additional instructors are chosen by Dr. Malin for their high level of knowledge and ability to relate with their students and instruct efficiently. As Implant Logistics is also a manufacturer of implant systems, course participants will get the benefit of our in-depth understanding of implants and restoration.

Implant Success Today offers a comprehensive 3-course, lecture-based and hands-on program. Each of the three courses are held in La Crosse, WI. To learn more, please visit Implant Success Today. The course content will include everything necessary from the start of the implant process to the finished restoration, including:

  • Treatment planning
  • Surgical protocols
  • Implant restorations
  • Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation including implant bridges and implant dentures
  • Implant therapy best practices and more

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In addition to our 3-course continuum, we also offer Live Implant Training in the Dominican Republic, where trainees perform implant surgeries on actual patients with over-the-shoulder guidance.

Lastly, we offer online webinars with Dr. Leo Malin that also include live surgeries—an excellent learning opportunity with the added convenience of doing it all online.

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