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About Implant Logistics

Implant Logistics provides implants, implant components and accessories that are designed to prevent the bone loss associated with most implant systems currently on the market. In addition, our implant systems are designed to be simple to use, to provide the full range of restorative options and are priced competitively. We provide two implant systems, Implant-One and Leone, designed to fulfill all the implant and restorative needs of an implant dentist.

History of Implant Logistics and Implant-One

Implant Logistics was founded by general dentist and implantologist, Dr. Leo Malin, in response to a need he saw for affordable US-based implant systems that would be robust, simple to use, preserve bone and give predictable results.

Dr. Malin started delivering implant services in 1993 and in his quest for the best implants and components, he found that some of the implants manufactured in Europe that he felt were superior to the U.S. ones were simply not available to the US market. When the Morse tapered implants were introduced into the US they were significantly better then what was available in the U.S., however, Dr. Malin felt these systems could be improved and the cost of those systems was also prohibitive. He set about developing an improved implant system at a more affordable price. After much research and innovation, he set up manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and created the Implant-One system of implants and components.

Dr. Leo Malin outside his training facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Implant Logistics continues to innovate and develop implants that are simple to use, give stable results and meet the needs of implant dentists.


Unique Training Courses

In 2004, Dr. Malin started instructing implant programs with the intent of simplifying the implants processes and making them more understandable to fellow clinicians, using all of the latest technologies available to achieve that goal. This developed into his successful training programs in La Crosse, Wisconsin and the Dominican Republic.

Implant Logistics courses are patient-centric; we want our doctors’ patients to get the best results possible. Doctors learn our unique treatment planning and surgical protocols, designed to provide best placement of implants for final restoration and longevity, prevent bone and tissue necrosis, and give uniformly successful outcomes. Although we use our own implant systems as we have found they give the best clinical results over time, we do discuss the strengths of other systems.

We keep the procedures in our courses as simple and easy-to-follow as possible. Dr. Malin sets the standard of instruction for all courses and continues to be hands on in the training. He has seen most complications that can occur, he knows what questions doctors have and knows what to do to successfully take care of surgical and restorative complications. He personally helps each doctor learn from the process from beginning to end.

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Dr. Leo Malin Today

In order to stay on the cutting edge of what is needed and the problems implant dentists can face, Dr. Malin maintains a practice in La Crosse Wisconsin. He has himself placed over 10,000 implants. He continues to instruct dentists himself as part of his training programs and can observe for himself the problems encountered by learning implant dentists.

He has been featured twice in Dentistry Today, including as one of the “Top Clinicians of the Year in Continuing Education.” He has received several awards for his contributions to implant and neuromuscular dentistry.


WKBT News 8, LaCrosse

Dr. Malin has appeared on “2 Minute Take,” which spotlights local businesses, communities and events on WKBT News 8. Here, he talks about starting Implant Logistics.