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Dr. Leo Malin at his factory in La Crosse, WI. Dr. Leo Malin at his factory in La Crosse, WI.

Who we are

Implant Logistics provides implants, implant components and accessories that are designed to prevent the bone loss associated with many implant systems currently on the market. In addition, our implant systems are designed to be simple to use, to provide the full range of restorative options and are priced competitively. We provide two implant systems, Implant-One and Leone, designed to fulfill all the implant surgical and restorative needs of an implant dentist.

Our founders at Implant Logistics

Implant Logistics provides patients with U.S.-based design, manufacturing, and support. While we are a growing company, we are committed to maintaining our personal, local touch. Our founders bring the honesty, integrity, and work ethic forged by a rural upbringing.

A comprehensive level of support

We support doctors though continued education and operate with the philosophy that their success is our success. We are proud to offer unrivaled customer support to all dentists who choose Implant Logistics, based right in the US.

Unique Training Courses in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Malin personally instructs at his facility in La Crosse, WI. Dr. Malin personally instructs at his facility in La Crosse, WI.

Dr. Malin personally instructs at his facility in La Crosse, WI. In 2004, Dr. Malin started instructing implant programs with the intent of simplifying the implants processes and making them more understandable to fellow clinicians, using all the latest technologies available to achieve that goal. This developed into his successful training programs in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and in the Dominican Republic.

The Implant Logistics courses are patient-centric; our goal is for our doctors’ patients to achieve the best results possible. Doctors learn our unique treatment planning and surgical protocols, designed to provide the best placement of implants for final restoration and longevity, prevent bone and tissue loss, and give uniformly successful outcomes.

We keep the procedures in our courses as simple and easy-to-follow as possible. Dr. Malin sets the standard of instruction for all courses and continues to be hands-on in the training.

He has seen most complications associated with implants and he is fully aware of the questions doctors have. He knows what to do to successfully take care of surgical and restorative complications. He personally helps each doctor thoroughly learn the process from beginning to end.

Dr. Leo Malin Today

In order to stay on the cutting edge of what is needed, and the problems implant dentists can face, Dr. Malin maintains a practice in La Crosse Wisconsin. He has himself placed over 10,000 implants. He continues to instruct dentists himself as part of his training programs and can observe for himself the problems encountered by learning implant dentists.

He has been featured twice in Dentistry Today, including as one of the “Top Clinicians of the Year in Continuing Education.” He has received several awards for his contributions to implant and physiologic dentistry.

Dr. Leo Malin Today
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