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6.5 Short

  • Ideal for cases with limited vertical bone availability
  • To avoid complex bone grafting procedures
  • To minimize advanced surgical interventions (sinus lift, inferior alveolar nerve transposition)
  • To avoid sensitive anatomical structures with a high degree of safety
  • To increase patient's acceptance due to reduced treatment time and costs

LENGTH reduced to 6.5 mm

INCREMENTAL THREADS with diameter up to 5 mm

FLAT APEX for additional decrease of the implant’s length

IMPLANT THREAD in comparison to EXACONE™ standard implants the height of the implant thread is increased by 125%, the bone contact surface is comparable to the surface of an implant 4,1 mm in diameter and 8 mm long.

The cover cap supplied with the implant is yellow-coded since it shares the same inner connection as the standard 4,1 mm-diameter EXACONE™ implant. This ensures absolute stability and mechanical resistance: extremely important issues in this particular case as the crown-implant ratio results to be decreased. There is no need for special accessories: healing caps, transfers and abutments for 4,1 mm connection coded with yellow color are to be used.

For more information about this system, please click here to review the Leone Catalog.