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Multitech Abutments

This abutment is used to fabricate a fully patient-customized abutment.

360° Anatomical Abutments

This abutment makes it easy to achieve parallelism due to a free positioning hexagon separated from the rest of the abutment.

Multi-Unit Abutments

Ideal for screw-retained bridges, bar-retained overdentures, immediate loading (e.g. All-on-four), and transgingival healing (with the corresponding healing screw)

Learn more on page 64 of Leone catalog

Standard Abutments for Screw-Retained Prosthesis

Page 24 of Leone Catalog (2015)
Instructions for use


ExaConnect fits any clinical situation due to the XCN 360° connection. The movable hexagon allows for 360° positioning on the dental cast making it easy to achieve parallelism. The permanent connection of the hexagon in the selected position allows an accurate positioning of the abutment in the mouth.
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