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Looking for Series 100 and 200 implants or abutments?

Series 100 and 200 implants and components have been replaced by our latest generation: Series 300, 400 and 500.  Below are answers to questions that you might have, and ways to learn more.  

Q. Do Series 300, 400, or 500 Series abutments work with Series 100 and 200 implants?

A. No.  Please call us at 608-498-4855 for Series 100 and 200 abutments.  

Q. Can I still get restorative components for Series 100 and 200?

A. Yes!  Please call us at 608-498-4855 and we'll get you what you need.  

 Q. What is the smallest diameter implant in the new series of Implant One implants?

A. The Series 300 Standard Thread implants are 3.5mm.   

Q. What are the advantages of the new generation implant line?

A. Stronger connections, more choices, better external threads, more efficient drills, and more!  See this graphic for more details.   

Q. Do you still have a catalog for the 100 and 200 Series?

A. Yes, right here.  Please call us at 608-498-4855 for assistance.

Q. Can I talk to someone to learn more about Series 300, 400, and 500?

A. We're happy to answer your questions!  Please call us at 608-498-4855 during Central Time business hours, or email us at  

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