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About Leone

Since 1934 Leone Company has been manufacturing dental products in Florence

The history of development of Leone S.p.a. began in the workshop of a resourceful craftsman. It was 1934 when Mario Pozzi, father of the actual President Alessandro Pozzi, began his business activity. He decided from the beginning to adopt the lion head of Marzocco, the Florentine symbol of excellence, as his trademark and so it was here that the history of Leone S.p.a began. The Leone factory is located in the west region of Florence, consisting of 15.000 sq. meters and currently employs more than 100 people dedicated to orthodontics and implantology. Today, Leone S.p.a is the leading Italian manufacturer of orthodontic products and since 1993 it is member of O.M.A. (Orthodontic Manufacturer Association) which incorporate the only 12 world-wide orthodontic manufacturers.

It was 2001 when Leone has introduced the Leone “Implant System” result of a wide research and of our new commitment to the dental market. The continuous developments of Quality and Manufacturing techniques, the state of the art factory allow Leone to offer its range of products to a constantly demanding and evolving market. A further acknowledgement of our company politics towards high quality is marked by the obtainment of the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Within Leone, ISO (Dental Studies Institute) has had the aim for over 20 years to promote and offer complete training and education to doctors, orthodontists, technicians and commercial sales forces from all over the world with the help of experienced and recognized lecturers. Remarkable investments are reserved to research and technology. Recently the new Centre for Biotechnological Research “Marco Pozzi” has been inaugurated inside the company, where studies on materials, surfaces, technical analysis and quality tests are carried our with a “state-of-the art” technology. The collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering and Dentistry at the University of Florence is very close; Training stages and scientifical research are developed for the preparation of graduation thesis.

As in the beginning, there is a strong philosophy among the Leone employees, where each one believes that the survival of the company depends on the Quality of the products and Service offered to the customers. We want the dental professionals to feel comfortable with the quality of Leone that they can be enthusiastic and satisfied, being this the true measure of our success and highest form of compliments to our efforts!

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