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Leone Implant System Overview

Leone Standard Dental Implant System

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The LEONE standard dental implant is made of medical grade 5 titanium. The implant body has got a cylindrical shape with a thread which complies with Standard ISO indications. It has been designed to get minor bone impact and a higher primary stability. The High Rutile Surface (HRS™) is obtained through an exclusive sandblasting process producing a roughness of Ra = 2.5 μm on the implant surface, that favours the action of the osteoblast cell-type and promotes a rapid osteointegration.

The implant-abutment connection results from the combination of two geometries: the Morse taper and the inner hexagon. The Morse taper ensures a very high mechanical stability as well as an absence of micro movements, a perfect bacterial seal and an optimal distribution of the masticatory load. The hexagon enhances the resistance to torsional loads and allows an easy transfer of the abutment’s position from the laboratory to the dental office.

The LEONE implant system is featured by Platform Switching as a consequence of the conical connection. Due to the connection system, the LEONE abutments do not need any screw, they are solid without any cavity. This feature combined with the special quality of titanium used, allows the abutment to be easily customized either in the laboratory or even in the oral cavity.

LEONE standard dental implants are available in three different diameters and in the 6.5 short version. A colour code marks each implant and leads the user in the choice of the relevant accessories and necessary tools for the successive work phases.


  • Ideal for cases with limited vertical bone availability
  • To avoid complex bone grafting procedures
  • To minimize advanced surgical interventions (sinus lift, inferior alveolar nerve transposition)
  • To avoid sensitive anatomical structures with a high degree of safety
  • To increase patient’s acceptance due to reduced treatment time and costs

LENGTH reduced to 6.5 mm

INCREMENTAL THREADS with diameter up to 5 mm

FLAT APEX for additional decrease of the implant’s length

IMPLANT THREAD in comparison to EXACONE™ standard implants the height of the implant thread is increased by 125%, the bone contact surface is comparable to the surface of an implant 4,1 mm in diameter and 8 mm long.

The cover cap supplied with the implant is yellow-coded since it shares the same inner connection as the standard 4,1 mm-diameter EXACONE™ implant. This ensures absolute stability and mechanical resistance: extremely important issues in this particular case as the crown-implant ratio results to be decreased. There is no need for special accessories: healing caps, transfers and abutments for 4,1 mm connection coded with yellow colour are to be used.

Leone Max Stability Dental Implant System

Max Stability dental implants feature an innovative external macro-design, formulated to obtain a high primary stability in cases where the implant site offers poor stability for fixtures with a classical design.

The implant primary stability is evaluated by measuring the insertion torque values. In medium to poor bone quality they have over 50% higher insertion torque values compared to cylindrical implants with the same length and connection size. 

Max Stability implants 3.75 and 4.5 mm in diameter have the same internal connection as the 3.3 and 4.1 mm implants. The surgical procedure for the preparation of the impant site is also the same. Accordingly, the color codes are also identical: GREEN for the 3.75 implants - YELLOW for the 4.5 implants. 

Made of medical grade 5 titanium. HRS surface, self-locking Morse taper connection and internal hexagon. Mounted on a carrier, with an included biopolymer sealing cover cap, and packed in gamma-ray sterile glass vial. Cap removal from the inner holder and placement into the implant requires instrument Cat. 156-1003-00.

Pack content: 1 implant and 1 cover cap

Monoimplants for O-Ring Overdenture

LEONE monoimplants for O-ring overdenture are made of medical grade 5 titanium. Self-tapping shaped, with thread in accordance with ISO standard and designed to obtain an excellent primary stability. 

The body of LEONE monoimplant for O-ring overdenture is treated with a sandblasting process producing a roughness Ra= 1 µm purposely designed to ensure a rapid osteointegration. 

The smooth, transmucosal tapered neck enhances gingival healing. 

LEONE monoimplants for O-ring overdenture are available:

  • 2.7 mm in diameter
  • with endosseous portion in four lengths: 10 mm - 12 mm - 14mm -16 mm
  • in two gingival heights: 3 mm - 5 mm

The micro-housing is made of medical grade 5 titanium as well. 

Outer diameter of 4.2 mm, height of 2.8 mm

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