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Implant One Company History

Our mission at Implant Logistics is to provide a robust yet cost-effective, dental implant system that can be used in all clinical situations and to provide a system that is simple both surgically and restoratively yet offers effective help for both the clinician and their patients as they confront the numerous challenges of dental implant therapy.

Hexed implant showing significant bone die-back

The Implant One dental implant system was founded with the intention of designing a dental implant system that provided the best possible Implant / Abutment connection on the market. Implant One’s design provides strength, orientation, and a tight fit capable of preventing the intrusion of bacteria into the implant abutment connection, therefore eliminating the crestal bone loss associated with most implant systems on the market.

Implant One implant placed sub-crestally showing no die back 2 years post placement

The Implant One System connection is what sets us a part from all others. Our 3 degree per side taper is straighter than any other internally oriented system on the North American market; which means, our connection will wedge together tighter and prevent any opportunity for micro movement or a micro gap, therefore preventing bone robbing bacteria from forming in the connection. Crestal bone loss or bone die back is virtually eliminated with this implant system.

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