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Implant One  Classic Dental Implants  

High-Quality Dental Implants

Based on years of experience, sound engineering principles and basic common sense, Implant One dental implants were designed to be the best dental implants available on the market.

Hexed implant showing substantial bone loss (resorption) | Implant One  Dental Implants

Hexed implant showing
substantial bone loss (resorption)

In many cases, the siren song of a dental implant is bone resorption. The primary cause of this type of bone loss is due to the presence of bacteria with and around the implant/abutment connection.

The well known fact that bacteria can grow in spaces as small as .8 microns and that many implant systems on the market allow for gaps many times this size posed an enormous problem to implant dentistry at large. As a result, Implant One founder, Dr. Leo Malin set out to find a solution.

Throughout more than 20 years of implant dentistry, Dr. Malin was intimately acquainted with this issue and sought to utilize tapered connections within his dental implants, which by design wedge together at installation.

Implant One  Implant<br /> 2 years post placement <br />with no signs of bone loss | Tapered Dental Implants

Implant One Implant
2 years post placement
with no signs of bone loss

Compression of the implant interfaces from natural chewing functions automatically cause them to wedge tighter as time goes on; thereby largely eliminating the potential for bacterial growth and drastically reducing bone loss.

With these technical advancements made by Implant One and the many thousands of clinicians utilizing the system regularly, it is easy to see why it would be regarded as a top dental implant system

Implant One Implant Features & Benefits

Implant One provides clinicians with five series of dental implants:

  • Classic: 100–200
  • 2nd Generation: 300, 400 & 500

Series 300–500: Maximizing Bone & Tissue Health

Bone and gingival tissue health is essential to a patient's overall health and well being. Why not use an implant that is created to support that objective?

Implant One implants are uniquely designed for crestal or sub-crestal placement. In fact, Implant One recommends that the implant/abutment connection be placed at or below the crest of bone. This placement promotes more vascular trabecular bone formation between the cortical plate and the implant, decreasing the chance of implant failure and promoting gingival and bone health.

Sub-crestal dental implant placement also reduces the stress applied to the cortical plate around the implant/abutment interface, reducing the potential die-back of the cortical plate, exposing the implant

Implant Thread Design

High-Quality Dental Implants | Implant One  Dental Implants Aggressive Threading

The top dental implants designed by Implant One features an aggressive, modern thread design for excellent primary stability. Moreover, the external thread on the wide-thread implant design provides even more primary stability than the standard; critical in cases with limited bone availability. Additionally, all external threads are self-tapping, although a tap is available for clinical cases with very dense bone.

All of this makes the Implant One dental implant line an excellent choice for immediate implant placement.

Abutment Connections

Implant One abutment screws are retained in the abutment to simplfy installation. However, all abutments are retrievable with the Implant One system. All implants include an internal threaded area to retain the screw and allow clinicals the use of a "jack-out" tool to remove the abutment from the implant if necessary. All of this contributes to Implant One being a very easy implant system to control and master.

Morse Taper Connection

Implant One  Classic Series Dental Implant | Top Dental Implants

The bread and butter of the Implant One dental implant is the Morse Taper connection. The Morse Taper creates an exceptionally tight bacteria-free connection with minimal micro-movement, which is critical to preserving long-term bone health.

The importance of a tapered implant can be seen with a 6-degree per side tapered connection that creates a tight implant/abutment fusion. This connection design is what allows the implant to be placed sub-crestally, allowing access to the clinical benefits of such. This is a feature unique to some of the best dental implants available globally.

Additionally, the total 12-degree tapered implant connection allows for removal of the abutment in conjunction with the Abutment Extraction tool. Historically, tapered implant abutment connections had many clinical advantages, but were very difficult to separate from the implant when needed. The Abutment Extraction tool eliminates that challenge and brings an unrivaled level of value to the Implant One dental implant system.

The Kicker

Implant One is wholly dedicated to providing doctors and clinicians with affordable, high-quality dental implants. As such, the Implant One System is economically priced – in many cases being 1/3 the cost of average dental implants.

Series 100 & 200 Features and Benefits

Echoing the 300–500 series, the Implant One 100 & 200 series implants are also designed to be placed crestally or sub-crestally to reap the benefits of highly-vascular trabecular bone. In doing so, the implant placement maximizes vascularity that is required for health bone and soft tissue growth. This is critical, particularly in the crestal area surrounding the top of the implant.

Tapered Dental Implant Connection

The Implant One Series 100–200 also features a hyper-sealed bacteria-free connection that is highly resistant to micro-motion; critical to the long-term preservation of bone health.

These implants include many benefits such as:

  • Minimization of bone resorption
  • Promotion of healthy cancellous bone surrounding and covering the implant
  • Excellent hard and soft tissue health

Critical to Implant Success: Preventing Heat and Pressure Necrosis

Implant One thread design, drill sizes and surgical protocol are designed to prevent pressure necrosis caused by installing an implant in an osteotomy that is too tight. This is done with utilizing surgical drills with ultra-sharp cutting edges and internal irritation to help keep the bone cool during drilling. This not only helps to prevent pressure necrosis but also heat necrosis.

Why Use Implant One ? 

Implant One  Logo | Best Dental Implants
Thousands of clinicians the world over have utilized the advanced Implant One dental implant system. With all of its cutting-edge technology and its no-nonsense dedication to high-quality implant procedure results, Implant One proves itself in the field as one of the top dental implant systems available to doctors world-wide.

We invite you begin implementing Implant One dental implants into your practice today!

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