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Implant One implants feature an implant-abutment connection that is tapered six-degrees per side, and 2.3 mm deep  longer than any other currently on the market. The straighter the implant-abutment connection, the tighter the fit will be. This helps to eliminate the potential for micromovement or micro-gap at this connection, preventing the intrusion of bacteria, and therefore reducing the potential for bone loss around the implant site.

Implant One implants are designed for crestal or sub-crestal placement. Sub-crestal placement allows for more highly vascular trabecular bone between the cortical plate and the implant.

Implant One offers eight different diameter Implants, each available in four lengths. This allows for a very customized implant selection with regards to the patient’s available bone at the implant site.


The standard implant design is ideal for most clinical situations. By varying the osteotomy diameter, this implant design can be used in all bone density types.

The wide thread implant is designed for maximum primary stability in cases of immediate implant placement in extraction sites or in cases with poor bone density. This wide-thread variant should not be used in clinical situations with dense bone.

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