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Implant-One implants feature an Implant-Abutment connection with a three-degree per side taper–straighter than any other screw-retained implant available in the US market. The straighter the Implant-Abutment connection, the tighter the fit will be. This helps to eliminate the potential for micromovement or micro-gap at this connection, preventing the intrusion of bacteria, and therefore reducing the potential for bone loss around the implant site.

Implant-One Implants are designed for crestal or sub-crestal placement. Sub-crestal placement allows for more highly vascular trabecular bone between the cortical plate and the implant.

Implant-One offers eight different diameter Implants, each available in four lengths. This allows for a very customized implant selection with regards to the patient’s available bone at the implant site.

There are also two different platform sizes available: A narrow platform size (series 100), and a standard platform size (series 200). The platform size dictates which instruments and accessories can be used to place and restore that particular implant.