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AEU-6000 Motor with On-Off foot switch

AEU-6000 Motor with On-Off foot switch

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Product Code : AEU-6000

AEU-6000 Motor with On-Off foot switch

The Preferred Implant / Oral Surgery Motor is quickly becoming the best-selling implant motor on the market due to its reliability and affordability. Coupled with the 20:1 Mont Blanc implant handpiece, it gives its operator the freedom to use any implant system available on the market today.

  • Use as an implant, oral surgery, or endo motor – perform standard or mini implants, third molar extractions and other surgical applications, and even endodontics with auto-stop-reverse
  • Autoclavable irrigation tubing means you don’t have to buy tubing for every procedure
  • Five preset buttons can be programmed separately for both implants and endodontics, dramatically reducing your procedure time
  • Upgradeable software guarantees this unit will be a workhorse for many years to come
  • More benefits than any other implant or oral surgery motor for the price

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