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Upper Root Tip X-TRAC Forceps - 5115

Upper Root Tip X-TRAC Forceps - 5115

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Upper Root Tip Forceps. Beaks are cupped and serrated to aid in easy root removal.

When a Bone Preservation Elevators (63, 60B, 60U, 60R, or 60L)  that has a tip that is sharp and mimics the beak on the forceps is used firsth to create a space between the bone and the root it makes the forceps easier to slide below the gum line and grab a hold of and efficiently remove root and root fragments.

Grip it holes in the handle provide reduced weight, improved tactile sensation, and fewer hygiene critical zones.

Ergonomically designed to provide access to all areas of the patients mouth.

Made in Germany from 100% German stainless stee

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