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3D Bond+™  Short Term Space Maintainer

3D Bond+™ Short Term Space Maintainer

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Short Term Space Maintainer

3D Bond+™ is a pure biphasic calcium sulfate that comes in all-in-one smart syringe. It is ideal for socket grafting procedures and provides 100% bone regeneration 3 months after the augmentation procedure.


  • All-in-One 0.5cc Syringe
  • Sold in buy-gets packs of 6+2, 12+5, 24+12
  • Superior Handling – The cement is injected into the augmented site from the syringe and after molding into the desire shape it sets immediately in the presence of blood and saliva.
  • No Membrane – The cement enables soft tissue to proliferate above its surface. As such, it prevents soft tissue invagination into the grafted site. Use Augma Shield™ wound dressing to protect your graft.
  • Minimally-Invasive Surgical Protocols – ension free flap and primary closure are not required. Compaction of the cement results in no hematomas and swelling post op.

Clinical Indications: Socket grafting

Predictable surgical protocols for:

  • Socket grafting with 4 walls
  • Socket grafting with a missing buccal plate
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