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AUGMA SHIELD™ Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressing (20/box)

AUGMA SHIELD™ Attachable Intraoral Wound Dressing (20/box)

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Socket Grafting Done Simply and Predictably

Socket Grafting with 4 Bony Walls with coverage of Augma Shield™
A Resorbable Barrier
Using Bone Graft Cement requires a temporary barrier until soft tissue closes and healing begins.
Additional Layer of Protection
Use Augma Shield™ with every augmentation procedure. Make sure to cross-suture Augma Shield™ when it directly protects the graft.
Predictable and Affordable
The combination of Augma Shield™ & 3D Bond+™ creates an affordable and predictable solution for socket grafting procedures.


3D Bond+ & Augma Shield - Socket Grafting Surgical Protocol (video)


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